Wife Wants It Black 3

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Violet Starr loves to do a soft tease. It basically makes her extra horny, so that when she see Isaiah's cock she is on it immediately. She deep throats his big dick, and then she decides she's going to be the one calling the shots. She rides his cock, bouncing her big ass up and down on him. The whole time she moans for more, and even stroking his dick some more after he facials her. Candice Dare has an extra juicy booty and we love to see it clap! She puts on her amazing fishnet body suit and shows us her sexual prowess. She can't wait to get drilled deep in her tight pussy by a new cock, one she has been waiting to try out. He spreads her perfect ass and slams her tight hole with his massive dick! She shows her wild side without a hitch. Dani Damsel wants a sugar daddy to take her on wild vacations and buy her expensive jewelry. She put an ad out on the internet, and found a hot guy to come over and give her exactly what she wanted. She ends up getting more than she bargained for when he comes over and shows her his huge dick! Val Steele is having a hard time passing a class in college and needs the answer key to her final in order to make grades. The janitor is cleaning the library late and night and offers to secure the answer key...in exchange for that tight pussy. He gets his way with her tight holes and she goes from giving that A+ head to bouncing on the D!

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