Wife Caught Cheating & Cucks Husband Into Watching

Rilasciato a: 10 marzo 2021 per Filthy Kings Clips
I just got in the door from work, I was looking for my wife Michelle when I walked into our master bedroom and found her fucking another man in our bed. I am in total shock and express my dismay to my wife, she tells me to shut up and watch. I know I don't have the biggest dick but my wife makes me feel worthless as she lets this hot stud pound her tight pussy. I can not believe I have to sit here and watch my wife like this, I have so many emotions about this. I sadly watch him cum all over my wife's ass, I offer her baby wipes but instead, she makes me lick the cum off her ass. Michelle than yells at me to go downstairs and cook her dinner while she sucks him off more.

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