Wet Food 7

Rilasciato a: 2 novembre 2015 per Evil Angel - Jonni Darkko
Our favorite perverted director, Jonni Darkko is back with four more cock hungry sluts ready for some hardcore blowbang action! "Wet Food 7" features some of the hottest babes in the industry living out their circle-fuck fantasies for a bukkake cream coating like you've never seen before! Asian doll Saya Song poses and spreads her tight, tattooed body. She buzzes her pussy (which sports a heart-shaped bush) as seven naked, hard cocks surround her. Her circle-suck fantasy comes true - Saya hyperactively strokes, sucks and gags on the dicks encircling her head as the nasty-talking dudes cock-whip her face. The slut deep-throats competitively. Choking, spanking, manhandling face fucks (plus Saya's masturbation) make her howl in orgasm. She crams two cock heads in her mouth at once. For the crème de la crème, an upside-down oral blow bang makes her eyes water as heavy spit runs down her face into her hair and ball sacs seal her nostrils. In a bukkake climax, seven loads thickly glaze Saya's entire, happy face. Dark-haired, natural-breasted Aria Alexander masturbates her puffy, bald pussy and tastes herself. She's surrounded by nine dominant, nasty-talking face fuckers with big, hard pricks both white and black. Aria laps balls, blows/strokes boners and deep-throats even the hugest pricks, making tearful eye contact with the camera. The dudes finger her throat, yank her hair, spit and slap through a rough circle suck. They squirt lube into her mouth and buzz her cunt with a vibe as she gives joyful oral service. Balls bang her nose and phlegm floods her face in an upside-down blow bang. The studs unload, saying, "you're just getting prettier" as 10 ejaculations glaze her face, spackle her eyes and trash her make-up. Pretty, playful Asian Mia Li poses in tiny bikini undies and heels. She kneels, surrounded by 10 erections, black and white, for an interracial circle suck. Mia strokes boners and gives lip-smackin' head, with slobber running from her happy smile to her tan-lined tits and all over her tight body. The dudes grip her head for face fucking and Mia laps scrotum. Lube is squirted down her throat and cock-smeared all over her face. Spit coats her face in an upside-down blow bang. Mia begs for cum and laughs as she's facialed by 10 spunky loads. She blows semen bubbles, her eyes reddened, hair soaked, false lashes unglued. And Mia shows cultural appreciation, comparing the mess on her face to the abstract painting of Jackson Pollack! Young, blue-eyed Samantha Rone is a joyful, pale-but-blushing strawberry blonde in stylish lingerie and heels. The giggling cutie kneels, surrounded by eight naked, thick erections for a circle suck. She wetly laps balls, two-hand-strokes rods and sucks meat, gasping in ecstasy. There's breathless, deep-throat face fucking and Samantha laughs as balls bump her chin. The dudes talk filth, spit in her mouth, spank her ass, cock-whip her freckled face and squirt lube down her throat. She takes two pricks in her mouth at once, eyes straining. In an upside-down blow bang, slobbery scrotum skin plugs her nostrils. She sits on a guy's face, buzzes herself with a vibrator and asks for cum facials, "pretty please." A dozen loads flood her from forehead to teeth. Samantha blows spunk bubbles, gargles jism and wallows in the mess.

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Saya Song

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Mia Li

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