Untamed Desires

Rilasciato a: 30 marzo 2013 per Ed Powers Productions
Candy Gonzales has put together some of her favorite clips from the "Golden Age" of sexual encounters. You will be ready to blow in no time when you see the girls with bodies that'll blow your mind and guys who can do anything for hours are performing all possible sex acts in torrid scenes of lust and passion. Eric is a handsome guy who wants to indulge in his cross-dressing fetish with the busty Lisa de Leuw. As Tina pours a glass of wine, Jason notices her lacy black underwear - which makes him curious about what's underneath! When Bob invites two buxom babes over to listen to jazz music; they are soon bopping in a scorching three-some! Ginger Snaps is a sexy hitch hiking gypsy who pays for her ride in the car with a ride on Marc and Levi's raging boners! Susie does a sinuous disco where she displays her cute little body in such a way, Russell can hardly keep his cool...and the dam from busting!

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