Turning Twistys

Rilasciato a: 18 settembre 2019 per Twistys
**Ms. Steal Your Girl:** Gorgeous Ivy Lebelle is eyeing blonde Emma Hix from across the bar, Emma is on a date with her boyfriend but persuasive Ivy always gets what she wants! Soon, dark-haired Ivy has stolen petite Emma away to the washroom and has her pinned up against the door. Emma can't resist any longer, soon the two goddesses are having each other right there in the washroom! Cute Emma's boyfriend can try to knock down the door all he wants - tattooed Ivy has already stolen his girl. **Better Than He Could:** Adorable Cecilia Lion's scumbag boyfriend has taken out a huge loan on her credit card and left town, Cecilia is on the phone with the credit card company when redheaded Tana Lea approaches her. Tall Tana is a smooth talker and makes it known that if petite Cecilia was hers, she would treat her like a queen! Ebony Cecilia tries to tell tattooed Tana that she's not a lesbian but Tana knows that no one can resist her experienced touch. Soon the two gorgeous girls are back at Tana's house and Cecilia is embracing the kissing, licking, sucking and tribbing that goes along with lesbianism! **Turning Gears:** Blonde Riley Anne is waiting for her husband's car to be ready so she can go to the country club, but her mechanic, fit Kira Noir, needs to be paid first. Preppy Riley swears she doesn't have enough to cover the cost, so dark-haired Kira comes up with another way to pay. Soon, dominant Kira has petite Riley bent over the hood of her husband's car and screaming for more! Watch as sweet Riley gets turned by gorgeous Kira Noir - honestly, what girl could resist? **Forever Yours:** Gorgeous Valentina Nappi is practicing her vows on the day of her wedding when she's joined by tattooed Joanna Angel. Dark-haired Joanna is looking to get out of the rain when she stumbles upon the bride and asks her if she's ready for marriage. Italian Valentina hesitates and that's when dominant Joanna pounces - soon Joanna has stolen curvy Valentina away and is showing her what real love feels like! **Wives With Secret Lives:** Gorgeous, straight Natasha Nice is waiting for her husband to leave so she can sneak a cigarette. However, her secret plan is foiled when tattooed Jessie Lee knocks on her front door. Sexy Jessie is there to borrow her husband's tools but, when she sees what a beauty Natasha is, she wants to borrow something else. Even when voluptuous Natasha's husband gets home, Jessie sneakily pleasures Natasha and shows her what she's been missing! Adorable Natasha has never been with a woman before - but smoking hot Jessie is about to change all that.

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