Tournante #2

Rilasciato a: 2 novembre 2004 per Anabolic Video
Notice - Cum eating abounds in this awe-inspiring gangbang presentation! Finally a gangbang and a reverse gangbang all in one movie! It's sexy slut day at the Prague whorehouse, and who better to sample the staff than Mr. Marcus! Mr. Marcus has his work cut out for him as he plows through a plethora of penis pleasing pussy with his prodigious prick; Mr. Marcus needs to find out which of the 10 "ho" stesses truly understand "customer service"! The ass-to-mouth buffet line is a spectacle of rare beauty! In the Anabolic tradition cum consuming, cock craving, carnivorous cunt, Lucie Lee has the picnic of her life at the Prague Park-of-Pricks! Highlights include anal, double penetration, double pussy, double-anal, and standing DP merry-go-round, it appears that this super-hottie is truly insatiable! Warning: If cum eating cock craving, sluts might offend you, then please don't watch this movie! Enjoy!

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