The Black Bull Challenge Volume 1

Rilasciato a: 22 agosto 2021 per Reel Erotica
The Black Bull Revolution has begun. Wives, daughters, sisters, aunts and nieces are submitting their holes to Black men voluntarily. Thanks to the growth of interracial porn, social media and dating apps, Black men and big Black cock has become the preferred alpha male amongst women. Life is simply too short to fuck a beta male. The sexually dominant and confident alpha Black male or better known as the Black Bull is the secret for women having a very healthy and extremely satisfying sex life. But can white girls really satisfy a Black bull? Satisfying a Black bull and his Black cock is a challenge that every white girl should take. Welcome to the Black Bull Challenge. The rules are as follows: Whatever the Black bull commands, she willingly obliges. Any hole he desires, she happily surrenders. If she is lucky, he will breed her. If she makes the Black bull happy by making his dick cum then she will prove that she can handle a Black bull. First up is Anastasia Lux. Teenage girls are learning that Black men are superior and can fuck them better with their Black cocks. That's why learning how to fuck strong Black men is an essential part of young white womanhood. A girl just isn't a woman until she's experienced the kind of body shocking orgasms that a thick Black cock can provide a woman.

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