Tereza Ilova J/O Pantyhose #3

Rilasciato a: 11 giugno 2009 per Playtime Video
Tereza Ilova is the European beauty that is going to drain you dry in this ball busting, cock clenching scene. She starts you off in a sexy dress and nude sheer to waist Wolford pantyhose. With her sexy accent she asks you, "Is it out yet?" Tereza climbs up on the kitchen table doggie style for that plump pink crotch shot that you love so much. The dress comes off and the pantyhose are peeled away slowly for that in your face beef cake! Tereza's leopard print dress brings out the animal in her in this scene. Her ass couldn't look any better in her sheer brown pantyhose and she knows it. She crawls around on the couch with her legs wide open knowing how you like it. She giggles at you as she shoves her feet in your face before peeling away the dress and slowly stripping to nude. Here she is, that playful girl next door ready to feed your fetish. Would you like to cum into my shorts she says. She slides her hand inside her little pink shorts and rubs her pussy over her shiny pantyhose before sliding the shorts off. "Did I make you pop?" she asks. She tells you how she loves to tease you and then does a slow change from her shiny pantyhose to a pair of white ones. She tells you that you would love to fuck her in her pantyhose and then teases you with her sweet pink once again. Tereza takes full control of your cock in this final scene. She unsnaps the crotch of her one piece body suit and tugs her pantyhose tight up her little pink pussy. She talks dirty to you while slowly stripping down to nude and giving it all to you as you deserve!

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