Super Marino's Roadtrips Anal Away Days 9 - Southampton

Rilasciato a: 23 marzo 2010 per Super Marino Productions
Moments of madness and excellent sex are captured here in Anal Awaydays Southampton as the spirit of the road trip legend lives on. Marino is smitten with Laura and lavishes her with his juicy cock. After Marino cums over Laura's face, Bob takes over - but lasts just a few strokes in missionary before he pulls out and cums over her pussy! Karianna and Sasha are fooling around together with a camera on Marino's bed. Marino bursts in and films the rest of the action - two naked girls pleasuring themselves with fingers, tongues and dildos. It doesn't get better than that does it? Karianna joins the guys in the car where Ian awaits to give her a shagging. The team then collect Shaz, who wastes no time in getting Marino's cock out. Shaz reveals a seriously bruised arse, the result, she says, of previous misdemeanours, but this does not stop her from sitting on Marino's cock. It has to be said that Shaz is the epitome of a Scottish slag and all round good fuck. At the hotel the sex starts with Ian stripping Tina before she sits astride his cock. Shaz, in stockings, does the same with Bob until Marino takes over from Bob and shags her arse as a no-holes-barred fiveway begins! Heavenly is waiting for the boys with Bev in the final scene. Heavenly's tits are astonishing and weigh in at about a stone a piece! A girlie threeway begins on the sofa. Then Bev gets shagged first, including anal, followed by Shaz. Heavenly doles out some sloppy oral and provides the target for the boys spunk! Sit back and buckle up, you're in for another raunchy ride! All the blokes are in their usual high spirits and all the birds are hot, wet and willing slappers. It's impossible to watch this movie and not have your mood and your pecker raised. Includes: English performers, relaxed/happy atmosphere, big-boned girls (size 16/18), foot/shoe licking, shaved pussy, 2 men on 1 girl, lesbian POV, pierced clit, girl on girl, dildos/vibrators, female masturbation, huge arse, hugely bruised arse, arse licking/anal tongue, anal finger, stockings, anal sex, spectacularly stiff nipples, DOUBLE PENETRATION, foursome, giant natural breasts (triple J's), cum on face/in mouth/bald pussy/hand.

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