Super Marino's Road Trips: Anal Away Days - Cambridge

Rilasciato a: 12 giugno 2010 per Super Marino Productions
The crazy gang are Cambridge bound - off for some culture and, of course, some wet pussy! The start is delayed due to Marino having to fuck busty British babe Faith in all three of her holes, then horny Sylvia and Faith satisfy their feminine lust for each other with some sensual erotic lesbian loving. On the road, Gena and Faith dildo and lick each other in the wagon. Arriving at Cambridge, Marino and Dirty Dog let the girls slide up and over their love stalks before filling their mouths up with jizz. Chloe is completely hammered by the crazy gang and drinks so much spunk that she is nearly sick. Outside Cambridge University, just by the river, Lynne and Sam put on a two girl show before some hard and fast fucking follows. These girls do it all - deep throat, anal, double penetration and double vaginal, and take enough spunk to flood the Fenlands!

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Sylvia, Faith

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Ian Tate