Super Marino's Road Trips Anal Away Days 3 - Kent

Rilasciato a: 26 marzo 2010 per Super Marino Productions
Miracles do Happen, the delicious Louise Muirhead was crashing at my place for a while, after Road Trip 2 I moved little Rebekah Jordan in with me, so I was having a great life as man about the house with two 18yr old bisexual blonde babes. So the thought of going out the house at all was hard enough, Road Trip or not. We were hit with illness and more bad luck as poor old Bob was very sick and was not allowed out of the institution he is an outpatient at. Desperation overtook me and the madness of Kris Knight was upon us. True to his word Kris and his gnarly old piece of wood that he calls a cock, never did it go down; he is a true stud amongst studs. As soon as he saw Louise answering the door from the bath his cock was up and the road trip was on, start filming he screamed as he introduced himself to Louise by shoving his massive cock into her tight mouth. Followed as quickly as possible by myself, we dragged her from the bathroom, threw her on the bed and set about this young nubile minx like two starving hyena's, somehow we managed to get both our huge cocks, well maybe one huge one and mine. We filled Louise up with spunk and that was that. I decided to keep Becky lee over night with me cos that's the kind of guy I am. Next day the fun began, D.D turned up with the one and only Wendy Taylor, so off we all went to Biggin Hill, the back of the wagon was a mish mash of blow jobs and pussy licking and fingering, why am I always driving? We stopped at a lovely pub for lunch where the landlord recognised us and offered his services, he took us to a fantastic area where we were able to have a beautiful 6 way gang bang in the great British countryside, I think most depraved acts were performed, but for me the best bit of the day was watching the lustful landlord piggy backing Louise across country with a hard on. Bless him. Next day we picked up Tracey Williams with Louise still on board, Kris D.D. Wilster and myself shot to Leeds castle where we looked like some mischief was about to happen when little Becky Jordan rang me up and said she was at her uncle's house just off the M-20. DING DONG went the door bell and fuck me what a heavenly sight opened the door, Becky Jordan in her tartan outfit. I saw the boys ready for action, so for a laugh me n Wislter sent them to get the lunch, whilst we perved over Louise Becky j and Tracey William go three way d/p dildo lesbo action. by the time the pricks had returned with the food they had missed the party, good old greedy super Marnio. Driving back to Will's We reached wills flat at about 10-00pm, but it was never too late to stop D.D and Kris they pinned the three girls down and fucked them hard on the couch, And yes gentlemen the first D/P Rebekah Jordan had ever received was on road trip 3, oh what a tight bottom. As we finished Wilster shit his pants his lodger turned up, fuck me she is lovely, her name is Ayo. Wilster had promised her she would not have to see what he does for a living and she walked straight into three men on their cum shots. She really looked familiar to me but I could not for the life of me where I had seen her, after we chatted for a while we discovered that her mum in her younger days was an escort that old super Marino had met on a wild party a few years ago, well well, me thought you old silver tongue rascal S.M you've had the mother now time for the daughter. With a little cock prodding I managed to persuade her back to another flat, me Kris n Louise took Ayo to task, and the lovely coffee coloured lodger was splattered with our love paste. Now we were truly fucked out.

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