Shane's World 20: Ragin' Rapids

Rilasciato a: 6 marzo 2001 per Shane's World
Team Shane's World hit the rapids in search of extreme adventure. After a long day of river rafting everyone was pretty horny. As soon as Blair pitched her tent, she sent out to pitch Shawn's. It didn't take much convincing before Shawn was banging away on Blair's pussy. Her screams and moans must have really got to Billy because before long he had Salena bent over in the tent. The next morning it was back on the river, but not before Shawn could get in some action on the raft. He was putting Chennin into positions you know she had been dreaming about yesterday! By the time we stopped at the waterfall for lunch, shy little Rain-ahh knew that if she wanted any action on this trip she better speak up. She dove on to Billy's cock and then took such a hard pounding form him that she squirted. Everybody got wet on this trip!

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