Sex Sounds II

Rilasciato a: 30 settembre 2019 per MissaX
Kira Noir and Chad White's stepmother is at it again. They hear the moaning, the bed thumping against the wall, the terrible sounds of sex coming from the two people who they ought not to hear having sex! Kira closes her eyes, she can snooze through anything, but Chad is left awake. His mind, deprived of REM, imagines the unimaginable, his stepsister, Kira, making the very same noises with him. Chad goes to Kira's bedroom.. maybe it's quieter in there? Maybe he's going there with an ulterior motive? "I'm a good man," he tells himself, "and I will behave myself." Can he behave himself when Kira nuzzles into him? Watch the story unfold..

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