Salopes De Banlieue (Suburban Sluts)

Rilasciato a: 9 luglio 2011 per Fred Coppula Prod (French)
Manon, Adele, and Samia are tired of serving as sexual objects to guys from the suburbs and dealing for them ... They decided to do everything to get by and survive ... The only option they have is to charge the big shots who want to kiss ... No sooner said than done! After a small improvised photo shoot to entice customers, they post their ads. It will not take long for the fish take the bait. Manon falls on a guy who kissed so well that she is ashamed to take his foot as ever. Samia meets a young man who is rather boring but is in fact a very good shot. Adele gets with a guy who fucks all her holes ... They all eventually end up covered in sperm ... They quickly understand that they have made the right choice and find the road that will allow them to leave their city through their asses!

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