Runaways 2

Rilasciato a: 27 agosto 2009 per Dane Productions
**Kitty World/Herschel Savage:** A runaway...a father...a family in shambles. Is she safe? Why won't she call? All are questions of a concerned father. When her so-called boyfriend whom she ran away with abandoned, she was ashamed...and ripe for sexual exploitation. **Celeste/Jay Ashley:** A street runaway, who will go anywhere but here, gets picked up by a traveler. One who is just itching for a chunk of hot fresh runaway pee-hole. ** Kat/Joel Lawrence: ** She had to leave. His lust left her no choice. She couldn't tell her mother. After all, he was her mom's boyfriend. **Sophie Evans/Christy:** A confession that leaves her homeless...her youthful desire for affection from the same sex is something her mother cannot understand...or tolerate.

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