Nylon Pur 2

Rilasciato a: 12 luglio 2023 per Erotic Planet
Imaginatively strapped on and wet between her thighs, the busty nylon girl Roxy shamelessly gives herself to her lover at dusk and indulges in her fetish without taboos. Half-naked in a see-through fishnet dress, newcomer Julia strays through the hotel corridors in search of a bed in which to put her Helancas to the ultimate test. Room maid Colette is also a prisoner of her lust...the lust for her second skin. The plump-breasted bitch plays lasciviously with her seamless teasers and lets herself be lustfully and unconditionally stuffed with two huge cocks in all her holes. Top model Black Angelica is a self-confessed nylon fetishist and enjoys playing around with her flesh-colored objects of pleasure. Bosom bride Candy Alexa pulls a full-body curtain over the magnificent body and, with Dieter's toe sucker, puts on the floor a number with pearl goo at the end that will inspire you. Tanja Cox and Tracy Lane are not only excellent mouth whores but also fans of decorative lace stockings. As Lady in Red Protz-tit Sexy Susi in a perverse outfit puts the bizarre finale to this erotic nylon masterpiece in ~~Nylon Pur 2~~.

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