My Wife's BBC Bangin' Memorial Day

Rilasciato a: 25 agosto 2023 per Touch My Wife Clips
Being a CEO has perks. Besides bagging a super a babe like Victoria for a wife, it also means its easy for Rich to recruit studs to fuck her properly. Memorial Day is a perfect opportunity, Rich invites his employee Jay over for the occasion. Nobody is more excited than Victoria though. She is decked out in a festive bikini and Rich wants Jay to pay special attention to how great her ass & tits look. Jay is hesitant but when his bosses' wife insists he pull his cock out, Jay follows orders. Rich watches as his wife sucks his employees' cock and then fucks her in her tight pussy. Jay pounds his boss's wife until she orgasms hard in front of her husband. He takes her creamy hole in the jacuzzi in every position as her tits flop & her ass bounces! Victoria swallows Jay's nut and Rich even promises to bring him back again so that he can rearrange his wife's pussy one more time!

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