Mr. Skin's Favorite Nude Scenes of 1972

Rilasciato a: 14 maggio 2018 per Mr. Skin
1972 was a leap year on the calendar, and it also brought a leap in Mr. Skin's pants thanks to the NC-17 shocker Last Tango in Paris and the XXX crossover hit Deep Throat. But that wasn't the only female flesh onscreen that year, so don't miss a beat (off) with Mr. Skin's Favorite Nude Scenes - 1972: **Maria Schneider**'s pendulous pair and furry lap critter get plenty of screen time as she gabs in the bathroom in Last Tango in Paris, Get another gander at **Maria Schneider**'s can during a buttery butt busting in Last Tango in Paris, Juicy **Uschi Digard** gets her squishies and sugar basin wet in the slammer shower before the scene dissolves into catfight heaven in Prison Girls, **Joey Heatherton** shows off her treasure chest and fur down below to Richard Burton in Bluebeard, **Valerie Perrine** drops her towel to reveal her tits and tail to two dudes in Steambath, You'll swell-a to the sight of **Stella Stevens** showering her tantalizing T&A in Slaughter. **Stella Stevens**' supple set bobs into view as she rolls around in bed in Slaughter, **Helen Mirren** strolls naked through a mansion, baring every furry inch in Savage Messiah, Naughty nun **Laura Antonelli** drops her top to show her habit forming hoots in The Eroticist, **Laura Antonelli** takes out her torpedoes for an amorous wrestling match in The Eroticist, Playboy playmate **Claudia Jennings** gets her shirt torn off by her handsy gal-pals in Unholy Rollers, **Juliet Mills** goes skinny-dipping then lounges on a rock to tan her tatas in Avanti!, **Peggy Church**'s pink pokies and fluffy muff come out for a roll in the hay in The Pigkeeper's Daughter, **Mink Stole**'s bite-sized bitties and flaming bush are on display as she sucks her man's toes in Pink Flamingos Hardcore honey **Linda Lovelace** has no holes barred sex on a couch in Deep Throat, **Marilyn Chambers** gets her muff munched while a gaggle of orgy goers look on in Behind the Green Door, **Lynn Lowry** goes full frontal during a four-person hump pile in Score, **Rene Bond** bares her big, bountiful bazooms and hairy muffalotta to seduce some lucky guy in Please Don't Eat My Mother, **Pam Grier** soaps up her legendary lactoids alongside her equally naked gal-pals in Black Mama, White Mama, Blonde babe **Sybil Danning** bares her right butterbag during a lesbian liplock with Nathalie Delon in Bluebeard, and finally jumbo jugs and thong-clad tail from **Valerie Perrine** as she strips on the drive-in screen in Slaughterhouse-Five.

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