Mom's Guide to Sex 8

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Melanie Hicks boyfriend is a sweet guy who wants to do the best by her. But when her hot ass stepmom starts seducing him behind her back, there is little he can do to resist. She sends him sexy selfies all day long and then has him put sunscreen on her body. Finally, he fucks her silly by the pool. Later, Melanie finds out about the little affair, and cannot believe her ears. To solve the problem, Alex tells Melanie she will teach her some moves to keep her boyfriend focused on her. Soon, the three of them are balls deep in a three way sex romp. Alex shows Melanie how to suck her mans cock, and soon she's a real pro! Every step mother has secrets she keeps from her step daughter. It is y natural. So when Aria Lee catches her MILF step mom, Trinity St. Claire, sucking her clients cock while she is supposed to be closing on a house, she is shocked. Aria does not know how to process the information, so later on, Trinity helps her out. She rubs her step daughters shoulders and eases her into a state of deep relaxation before inducing several pussy eating orgasms! A couple days later, Trinity's client's over to sign the papers on his new house and notices how hot Aria looks laying out at the pool. Trinity introduces the two of them, and a perfect triangle of hot sex ensues. This step mother, step daughter team sure knows how to fuck and suck! Danni Rivers is practicing sucking cock on a huge cucumber when her stepmom, Christiana Cinn, passes by her room and catches her. She walks in and gives Danni some advice. She tells her to suck on it like she is sucking a popsicle. They decide to practice together, and lick the cucumber up and down sensually before Christiana gets a little curious about Danni's sexual experience. She asks if Danni has ever felt anything as big as this cucumber inside of her. Danni says no, so Christiana springs into action. She sticks the cucumber in Danni's cooch and pleasures her while Danni writhes and moans. But when Danni is left to practice on her own, she accidentally snaps the cucumber in half. She goes looking in her stepmoms room for something else to practice with, and finds her stepmoms strap on. Christiana discovers Danni snooping, and then bangs her out on the bed. Later on, Danni and her stepmom put on some masks and meet up with our stud for a lesson in anonymous sex. Soon, Danni is getting fucked from behind while eating her stepmoms pussy like a pro. Keilana Kita just got blindsided by her bitch boss, Janna Hicks. She thought she was doing everything that Janna was asking of her, but apparently Janna is not satisfied with her performance. So Keilanis sympathetic man shows up at Janna's house to make a case for his girl. If Janna takes her back, Keilani will make sure her performance exceeds expectations. Janna is intrigued, but it is not in Keilanis renewed work ethic that's got her interest piqued. It is her man. She tells him that if he can do her the favor of eating her plush pussy, she will take Keilani back. Keilani's man obliges, and continues to please her boss time and time again, even after Keilani has her job security back. Finally, Keilani catches on, and is pissed. But even though she is momentarily shell shocked, Janna tells her to join them if she wants to keep her job. Keilani complies and has the time of her life getting railed out next to her bombshell boss. Lets hope human resources does not catch wind of this!

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