Life In Bras

Rilasciato a: 13 novembre 2020 per Television X
A hot horny and hilarious hardcore spoof of a certain popular time traveling TV show, Life in Bras takes you back in time to the sinful 70's where modern day cop Siren Sexton finds herself in some very sexy situations! Syren plays gorgeous WPC Joan Simms whom is catapulted back in time to 1974 where she meets chauvinist DC Warwick Hunt. His non - PC ways may be a shock. But they soon have her eating out of his troubles! Still stuck in a 1974 time warp oversexed Siren goes undercover as a groupie. And Gerts an interracial two cock sandwich from spaced out musician Rimmy spandex and his mate. Groovy! Next our time warped cop attends a swingers party, 70s style. Busty babes Lala and Starr service two horny guys but are they out to drain more than their bodily fluids? Siren then finds herself down trendy Carbnaby Street playing hide the salami with a gentleman safecracker. Will he comes quietly? We doubt it and neither will she. Finally , our horny time travelling heroine is on a night off, so she invites a hunky copper round to give her one, but being an under constructed male form the 70s he has to choose between the match of the day and snatch of the day.

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