Lesbian Doms & Subs Vol. 2

Rilasciato a: 17 aprile 2020 per Girl Candy Films
What's better than two women licking, fondling and fingering each other into a sexual frenzy? How about dominant women going for the ultimate power play while driving their partners insane with lust! Who says a woman can't be in a position of power? Watch Dana get back at her old classmate Katsuni for being a bully in school by bullying her in the bedroom! Rayveness is Allie's dad's domineering girlfriend and she's ready to give the girl a tongue lashing she won't soon forget! Lesbian Doms & Subs returns with volume 2 of the hottest, most intense power dynamics in lesbian porn. Watch dominant, intimidating lesbians put their submissive, yet anxious costars in place and make them respect sexual authority.

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