Jerky Girls Vol. 27 - Jerkin' For The Weekend

Rilasciato a: 19 ottobre 2010 per Jerky Girls
Blonde Ambition!! Britney is starting a new job and arrives at the office to meet the General Manager of the company. He informs her that she will be starting at the bottom in the kitchen doing dishes. Well Britney is not satisfied with her new position so she flashes the guy her perfect TITS and tells him to go wash the dishes for her. But Britney is not done. Being General Manager has already become boring after 10 minutes so she goes to see the Owner of the company. Britney informs the owner that she is much more cut out for his job and convinces him by pulling down his pants and jerking his cock off all over his desk. Now Britney is finally satisfied and she calls her girlfriend Faith to tell her all about her first day at HER NEW COMPANY!!! CLUB JERK VACATION!! Three Hot, Sexy Jerky Girls are on Vacation at Club Jerk. They are sitting by the pool....relaxing....and they order some drinks from one of the lowly server boys. This stupid boy not only got their drink order wrong......he committed the biggest sin of all.....he spoke!!!! The three Young Girls become furious, and call the front desk, demanding to speak to a Manager. The Managing Supervisor of Club Jerk, Tatiana, comes to the Girl's aid...and asks them to point out the offender. The Girls point at the boy who offended them...and his Boss calls him over. Tatiana explains that sometimes these stupid staff members need a Compelled Masturbation to Humiliate them back down to that's what She's going to do!!! Tatiana asks the three Young Girls...Catherine, Katrina & pin his arms behind his back...and hold him still with his mouth covered...while She Beats the cum out of him against his will. Problem solved. GLORYHOLE DAYS!! Catherine & Angel are two Jerky Girls enjoy at Hot Summer Day at their favourite place.....The Glory Hole!!!! You never know what you'll find at The Glory Hole. Today...the Girls reach in....and find all kinds of cool stuff!!!! They find oil....and wait....what's this?????? The Girls find a cock!!!!!! The two Jerky Girls know that with a great prize, like a cock....there is an even GREATER prize to follow......boy goo!!!!!! The two Girls fight over the cock...each hoping to claim the Ultimate prize.....until finally.....Catherine Pulls out the boy goo.....a WHOLE BUNCH OF IT!!!!!! Then, to their surprise and delight......Tons of Money explodes from The Glory Hole $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Just another Wonderful day at The Glory Hole!!!!! JERKING A STRANGER!! Britney is outside waiting for a guy to pass by so She can JERK HIM OFF!!. But today there is no one around so She waits and waits until finally this tall guy with long blonde hair strolls by. Britney quickly swoops in on the guy and before he knows what is going on A HOT JERKY GIRL is taking off his pants and stroking his cock. Britney lets the guy grope her HUGE TITS while She goes about taking away his CUM!! LUCKY GUY!!!

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