Good Mom, Bad Mom

Rilasciato a: 10 agosto 2021 per Girlsway
Jane Wilde butters up her step-mom, Marie McCray, to try and get the car but Marie proposes a deal instead. Marie insists that if Jane gets all A's and B's on her next report card, then she can get a car. However, if there are any D's and F's, Jane will have to give Marie whatever she wants. But when Jane gets her next report card, all her hopes and dreams are dashed and Marie also reminds her that she has HER end of the deal to keep up! Kit Mercer and Kenzie Taylor are two step-mothers at their wit's end! Their step-daughter, Lana Sharapova, has been causing a lot of trouble lately because of how mischievous and rebellious she is. Kit and Kenzie decide to team up to discipline their daughter together in a way that'll be fun for ALL of them. Chanel Preston and her step-daughter, Jade Baker, are eagerly waiting for Jaclyn Taylor and her step-daughter, Aidra Fox, to show up and help with some spring cleaning. When Jaclyn and Aidra arrive, Chanel is especially excited to greet Jaclyn, and it isn't long before the two step-mothers hurry off to clean out a closet.

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