Flesh Hunter 2

Rilasciato a: 2 luglio 2002 per Jules Jordan Video
Caught on Camera by any Means Necessary! High velocity cum shots caught and swallowed. Ass to mouth, gaping anuses, girls taken to the limit! Shyla gets a stiff cock in her ass and also performs a "synthetic" double anal! Also a huge facial! Big assed Jeannie Rivers gets fucked hard, then she sucks two cocks for a great facial creaming! Lond legged, big asses Kaylynn gets fucked in all holes! Then she sucks off two cocks! Alexa Rae looks amazing sucking cock and getting fucked hard and sensuously. The scene culminates in a spectacular facial! "Miss Teen" Jenna Haze takes oni3 hung studs who fill all her teen holes with cock... then swallows all their loads!

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