Facialized Before My Date Arrives

Rilasciato a: 24 aprile 2017 per NaughtyAllie
Wow, last weekend was incredible! I had a double date with Jake and a really fucking hot guy I met online. I had chatted with Scott via email a couple of times and he seemed really cool. I asked him if he'd send me some pics so I could get a better idea of who I was chatting with. Not only did he send me photos but he also sent me a short video clip of him fucking an ex-girlfriend. Let me just say that I wasn't even thirty seconds into the clip before I realized my panties were soaking wet and I knew I just had to fuck this guy! Since I love getting drilled by two guys at once I replied to his email right away and asked if he'd like to join Jake and I for a threesome! He said yes so we set up a time to meet later that night. Yeah, when I find a guy that makes me wet I don't waste any time getting into his pants! Jake and I checked into the hotel and I started getting ready for my date. It was about twenty minutes before Scott was due to arrive when Jake decided he needed a blowjob. As you know I'm not one to turn down a hard cock and a load of hot sticky man juice so I led Jake to the bedroom, dropped to my knees and went to work on his dick! I told him to hurry since I still needed to finish getting ready for Scott. As you can see from this video I got him off in no time at all. Unfortunately for me I had to get ready all over again since Jake plastered my entire face and even my hair with a mega load of jizz. I'm certainly not complaining because I love getting a good facial but it did put me in a bit of a time crunch. Anyway, I did manage to get ready before Scott arrived and the three of us had a great time that night. Let's just say that the facial you see in this video wasn't the only load of cum I got that night! Scott, I know you'll be reading this so I just wanted to say thank you for an incredible night and ask if you have any plans for this weekend? ~Kisses, Allie

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