Eros E Thanatos (Italian)

Rilasciato a: 26 novembre 2009 per Mario Salieri Productions
Sex, intrigue and mayhem--what more could you ask for among the landed gentry? In a villa tucked somewhere in Italy, the players are so hot and horny that not a minute goes by before a big breasted chick has a big, throbbing cock shoved in her face. It's almost like a national pastime that when you visit a palatial estate, instead of shaking hands, you shake your big, bulging cock in her face just as she pauses to say ciao! Actually, she even gets a mouthful in the car on the long drive to the villa. All parties are cock-hungry and waste no time in getting down to some steamy, hardcore oral and anal pleasure. Mange! **BONUS FOOTAGE ITALIAN LANGUAGE**

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