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Angel Piaff is sitting at her vanity applying makeup while her boyfriend Andy lounges casually on the bed behind her. Seeing his girlfriend in sleek lace lingerie and makeup, Andy can't help but to squeeze her from behind and kiss her neck. Noticing her lover admiring her, Claudia teasingly grabs a mug of tea, sitting coyly with it in a chair nearby. Kristof crawls to his lady, and the couple begin to make out passionately. Coco Kiss and Kristof Cale are kissing passionately on their couch, expressing their love for each other through the pressure of their lips, as their hands explore every curve of skin they can. Cristal waits for her lover Michael at the top of the stairs, ready to give him a sexy surprise. It's been a long day at the office, and Cristal needs her lover to help take her mind off her stresses. It's an easy Sunday morning the day after Dominica Phoenix and Kristof finally hooked up. There had been months of tension, but young love won't be denied.

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