Dressing Room Debacle

Rilasciato a: 20 agosto 2018 per MissaX
Summer is doing her homework when her best friend, Natalie, calls and lets her down. Natalie can't take her to the mall to buy lingerie for her big date. Summer asks her reluctant brother who agrees as long as she gives him her gift card for MIke's Sporting Goods that she got from Grandma for Christmas. Summer is a sweet girl but she's tired of playing by the rules. She wants to lose her virginity and she has already asked Chad's friend on a date. She has plans to finally be a real woman after her date with him, she's so excited. She tells Chad all about her plans and he becomes outraged. Summer rolls her eyes, she knows that Chad is part of the reason she hasn't lost her virginity at the old age of 18. Summer explains, "I am the only girl I know that is a virgin at my age. I know it's because you never let me have a boyfriend. I can't date a guy I actually like. Oh I would LOVE to give my virginity away like some precious gift, but no, it's your fault that I have to settle on losing my virginity with a boy I barely even like. C'mon Chad.. It'll be quick like jumping in a pool of cold water. You know how sharp the cold is that it makes you cringe? But then.. it will be over, and I will be a true woman, I'll be a woman who owns a beautiful lace bra and panty set, and when I go to college guys won't think I'm an immature & inexperienced baby. Watch the story unfold..

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