Dirty Masseur #21

Rilasciato a: 21 settembre 2021 per Brazzers
Lily goes to see Sean for a massage, but she warns him she's very ticklish. Sean finds out the hard way that she wasn't kidding. After Lily accidentally kicks Sean in the balls, she makes it up to him by deep throating his cock! Nicole is a top-notch masseuse with a dirty little secret ? she's constantly getting off on the job! Before giving Xander a rubdown, she sneakily slips a remote control vibrator into her panties... then hands him the remote. While Xander thinks the device sends a signal to Nicole asking her to switch up techniques, he's actually getting her more riled up every time he pushes a button. How long will Nicole be able to hide her reaction from her clueless client? Ryan has had it up to here with her clingy husband ? he's always trying to do nice things for her, but his gestures never quite go as planned. When he hires Jordi, a young (but "highly recommended") masseur, to come over and give his wife a rubdown, Ryan is anything but appreciative ? despite her disappointment, she lies down and lets him do his thing. While Ryan's not a fan of Jordi's massage techniques, she finds a different way to put him to use... let's hope her hovering husband doesn't find out! Quinn decides to take a little break and hone up on her studies while on her latest babysitting gig for Mr. Lee. When Keiran drops home for lunch, he sees Quinn deep in her studies. She's had her eye on him for awhile, so she figures maybe he'd be up for a little anatomy lesson. Hey, anything to help a girl with her studies! Before he knows it, Quinn is knee deep in dick taking Kieran's girthy member down her throat. Talk about double duty! Vicki Chase goes in for a massage and quickly realizes her masseur, Keiran, is a bit clumsy and inexperienced. In fact, he ends up spilling oil all over her clothes before the massage even begins. Keiran apologizes and tries to clean up the oil but just makes it worse. Vicki shows Keiran how he can make it up to her by sitting on his face and sucking his cock. ** Bonus scene not included **

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