Dirty Debutantes #33

Rilasciato a: 2 agosto 2002 per Ed Powers Productions
Another lost episode has been found! The lovely Mia Sonata returns to give head to a friend of Ed's who happens to be a well known rock-star (but chooses to remain anonymous). After taking a facial from the rocker, Ed takes her into the bedroom to finish what she started. Before that we open with Chanelle, a raven-haired doll who likes to lick her own toes during sex and the playful Italian temptress Isabella Perini with what turns out to be her one and only appearance. Ed had to include a fast quickie between himself and lovely Fusako from Japan. More of Fusako will be seen in future episodes. You'll meet Isabella and Rachel White, two lovely ladies keeping the tradition of the Debutantes, their first time with someone like Ed. Stevie Starr struts her big breasts as Ed favors the doggie position. The lovely Brazilian dancer and model, Carie Vasalle, returns to do just a little bit more and masturbates for all of us to enjoy. Many letters have come in describing great joy about Carie's last appearance. All in all, MDD 33 means variety. Enjoy! (Love, Ed)

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