Deep Inside Sheena Shaw

Rilasciato a: 9 giugno 2014 per Evil Angel - Jonni Darkko
Director Jonni Darkko dedicates "Deep Inside Sheena Shaw" to a sexy dirty blonde that loves spit-soaked sodomy. One-on-one with the director, Sheena highlights perfect sphincter control, "winking" colorful balls in and out of her tight asshole. Massive, slobbery nastiness accents a severe rump reaming. Brown-eyed Amber Rayne and Sheena stuff 13 fingers up Amber's butthole. Amber deeply tongues Sheena's gaping rectum, her nose poking Sheena's cunt, and the sluts share ass-flavored Frenching. Sheena and bleach-blonde Cameron Canada trade huge glass butt plugs and Jonni, who porks both assholes to gaping; each wench tastes the other's ass on cock and they share a cum kiss. Pierced alt-girl Proxy Paige and Sheena wear animal masks for strap-on sodomy; Sheena tongues Proxy's prolapsing intestinal innards and blasts a milk enema all over Proxy's face! Ms. Shaw proves herself the go-to whore for simpering baby talk, anal gaping and ass-to-mouth filth. Scene 1: Hot-assed blonde Sheena Shaw teases director Jonni Darkko in a fetish collar, corset and thigh-high boots. She stuffs colorful balls up her greasy asshole and "winks" them in and out with perfect sphincter control. The baby-talking bimbo buries four fingers in her anus and her thumb in her pussy. Jonni drives his dick straight up her ass, which gapes as she masturbates. A POV-style ass pounding leads to an ass-to-mouth face fuck, with copious rivers of spit flowing down her face. The director screws her cunt and Sheena sucks dick pussy-to-mouth. The scene climaxes with more anal pounding and massive, nasty slobber play. Scene 2: Hot-assed blonde Sheena Shaw and brown-eyed brunette Amber Rayne share a spit-slathered session of rim jobs and orifice stretching. Sheena stuffs eight fingers up Amber's anus ... and Amber adds five more for a sphincter-stretching 13! The girls sodomize each other with a massive, clear butt plug. Amber yanks Sheena's butthole to gaping, spits in the pink rectum and deeply tongues it, her nose poking Sheena's cunt. Sheena demonstrates perfect sphincter control, "winking" a big ball in and out as Amber licks it. Copious slobber coats more sick rim jobs; intestinal innards show from gaping bungholes and the sluts share ass-flavored Frenching. Scene 3: Dirty blonde Sheena Shaw and bleach blonde Cameron Canada wear pink lingerie for a spit-soaked anal threesome with director Jonni Darkko. Sheena tongues bunghole and expands it with a hefty glass plug. Cameron fucks Sheena with a HUGE, textured toy and spit. Cameron digs eight fingers into Sheena's butthole, then a ball that Sheena "winks" with perfect sphincter control as Cameron licks the toy. Jonni porks both assholes to gaping and each slut tastes the other's rectum on cock. Cameron licks the dick pumping Sheena's rosebud. After more deep rim jobs and spit filth, Jonni creams Sheena's tongue. Sheena drools the mess into Cameron's mouth and they share a cum kiss. Scene 4: Dirty blonde baby talker Sheena Shaw and pierced, blue-haired alt-girl Proxy Paige wear special accessories for a session of spit-soaked sodomy: Sheena sports a sheep mask; Proxy dons a zebra mask and drives a huge, black strap-on straight up Sheena's bunghole. Sheena tastes it ass-to-mouth. The sluts pork each other's butthole with massive toys and share rim jobs. With four fingers jammed up Proxy's rear, Sheena tongues her prolapsing, red innards. Proxy penetrates Sheena's butt with a "funnel" plug, then pours cold milk in to fill her rectum. Sheena sprays enema milk all over Proxy's face, the girls kiss, and Sheena drools more milk into Proxy's stretched-wide colon. A monster dildo makes Proxy's anus gape like a cavern.

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