Daddy's Little Monster

Rilasciato a: 11 marzo 2022 per Mack Kensington Studios
Strokies proudly presents this crave-worthy Little Mina handjob session! This Asian minx kicks off the movie by addressing you directly, asking if you've been a bad boy and telling you that she's going to teach you through punishment! We love that Harley Quinn bustier that she's wearing, which gives you an idea of just how much of a trouble maker this babe really can be! She loves talking dirty to you about your hard cock growing inch by inch, as she unsnaps her bustier to reveal that tiny little waist and perky titties. She's super confident and it really shows. Those perfect Hershey's kiss nipples look good enough to eat! When she takes off her tight jeans, she reveals a sexy hip tattoo and a tight black thong! That comes off quickly as she spanks her own ass and shows off its perfection for the camera! And then this pierced and tattooed goddess is ready to go! She busts out the lube right away to start getting her man ready, and since this is a POV scene, you are more than welcome to pretend it's you. Mina is all about the dirty talk, tantalizing you with her words and her moaning throughout this jerk sesh. She puts all her passion into it from the get-go, jerking him faster and faster until he's ready to pop all over her like a fizzy bottle of champagne! Finally she takes his load all over those chocolate kiss nipples and that gorgeous little body of hers! Bravo!

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