Co-ed Lockerroom Sex Fights

Rilasciato a: 21 agosto 2006 per Matrock Ent.
There's a lot of sneaking around happening at the Matrock Gym. Sex crazed guys and cock craving girls are all on the prowl for some secret nookie. First, Max gets caught red handed in the girl's lockerroom sniffing Tommi Rose's panties. He won't cop to his perverted desires, so she wrestles him into sweaty submission. But "perverted" must be her type, because she cops to a round of pussy pounding from the nosy Max. Next up, Dru and Raffe need a secret quickie, and the empty lockerroom is perfect. But when they can't agree on who gets head first, a nasty no-holds-barred battle ensues. Dru's gooey facial should hint at who got the final word. Then Jesse V. takes on wrestling champ Bobby Vitale. He can't believe that such a little gal can pack such a big wallop, but he gets back at her with some deep fucking she won't soon forget. Finally, Lee Stone is trying to blow off the very aggressive, Domenica Leone. But she won't take no for an answer. Will he budge and cheat on his girlfriend, or will she get him so mad, he just has to wrestle her to make a point? A nice pop shot to the face just might settle her down. These sexy couples might be sneaking around, but there's no hiding the pleasure in Co-Ed Lockerroom Sex Fights.

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