Cherished Angels 2

Rilasciato a: 28 ottobre 2020 per Dane Jones
Sexy teen Kira Thorn has never been with a man as handsome and experienced as Lutro, so while they make out on her bed, her pussy gets really wet. Lutro takes down the straps of Kira's top, kissing her tenderly. Positioning himself behind Kira, Lutro plays with his lover's pussy while also massaging her perky tits. As he continues to finger her, Lutro flips Kira over so he can eat her ass doggystyle, and Kira gets wetter and wetter. Kissing passionately as he fucks her, Lutro shows Kira the pleasure of being with an older man, fucking her on her side, doggystyle, and missionary, before giving her a massive creampie. After feeling the hot cum inside her pussy, Kira takes some into her fingers and drinks it!

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