Calling the Shots

Rilasciato a: 30 settembre 2020 per Television X
In this amazing hardcore sex movie, top celebrity glamour models like 'Rossgate' Babe, Georgina Baillie and X- Factor contestant Michelle Thorne get the chance to reverse roles and direct their own hardcore sex scenes with today's top porn stars! First off, Renee Richards directs the gorgeous Paige Ashley in a spectacular orgy scene based on Kurbick's eyes wide shut - only much filthier! You've never seen anything like this! Then Michelle Thorne directs fellow blonde babes Shay Hendrix and Loz Lorrimar in a hot lesbo scene featuring Shay's first screen anal. It all ends with amazing three girl dildo action! Next Ross/ Brand tabloid stunner Georgia Baillie directs her first porno putting Michelle Thorne and Robyn Truelove through a sizzling lesbian shag session with a double ended dildo! Syren Sexton is behind the camera directing horny Demetri as an army guy putting Blonde bimbo Harmony Hex through her porno paces his privates are soon standing to attention!

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