Bruce Seven's Favorite Endings

Rilasciato a: 6 giugno 2000 per Elegant Angel
If you really like butts as much as I do, you're going to love this tape! It's the best bun licking, dildo slamming and finger popping action from some of our most popular releases! Personally, viewing a well done compilation tape is one of my favorite things to do. The problem is that "compilation" tapes, in general, are poorly done. If you know __ELEGANT ANGEL__, then you know our goal is to give you the very best...__EVERY RELEASE!__ The only way to make this tape really special was to re-edit all of the original footage from an entirely new perspective. For this, I hired Michael Cates (one of the best in the adult industry) to re-edit from the original camera masters (Bruce Seven did the original edits). Not only does this give you a whole new look, it also gives you footage that wasn't in the original release (we always shoot __too much__!). Also, each scene has been re-scored. And to make it even better, we shot a __whole new scene__ with Tianna, Bionca and Heather Hart that is __nastiness__ in all its glory!! On top of all this, you get 19 of the NAUGHTIEST, NIPPLE SUCKING, CLIT LICKING, HOTTEST LOOKING GIRLS IN XXX!! - - Doing what they love to do! Enjoy!! ~~Patrick Collins~~ P.S. As always, if you have anything to say (good or bad)...let me hear it!

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