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My hotwife Sydney is a little bit of a bitch. Quite degrading to be honest. Exactly how I like it. When she humiliaties both my work & sex peformance and says she has got something new, I have an idea where this is going. I wasn't quite prepared for the Brick, the black stud she pulled out. I mean she's fucked black guys before, but this guy is walking around with a python in his pants! She literally cannot fit her hands around that fat dick! I think she's a little intimidated, but she'd never let me know that! She uses both her hands to jerk and suck his big black cock. Brick eats my wife's pussy before penetrating her with his massive member. It completely stretches my wife's little hairy pussy out as if he fucks her various positions. Sydney ridicules & humiliates me, telling me how much better her stud is than me through her orgasms. She begs him to fill her pussy up with his cum and Brick obliges when he unloads deep inside my wife.

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