Angelina Stoli Loves Kevin Falk

Rilasciato a: 20 marzo 2018 per She Loves Her Man
Gentle giant Keven Falk flexes his bulging muscles and shows off for Angelina Stoli and us. At 6' 3" and 245 lbs., Kevin is a big, big boy, but he looks even more massive when standing next to the sexy, petite Angelina, a sultry brunette. She strips him out of his clothes and ogles over his massive frame before spreading his bubble-butt and eating out his hot hole. Angelina tries her best to swallow his thick 8" cock before spreading wide to get the fuck of her dreams. Kevin and Angelina fuck outdoors in the patio in all positions. Then Kevin unleashes a gusher onto his stomach which Angelina greedily gobbles up.

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