American Punishment Collections

Rilasciato a: 20 novembre 2019 per California Star Productions
This is an exciting new series, and you will find plenty to love when good old English discipline hits our shoes. First up is "Trashed & Thrashed" about an English landlady who finds out that two of her tenants have decided to trash her rentals. What follows is corporal punishment on the highest scale. In "Wicked Bitch" a mother decides to teach her two misbehaving step-daughters that lots of good thing come from a sound hand spanking. This is followed by a paddle, riding crop, then a swishy cane. In "Gemini" Victoria and Sophia are being taken care of by their Uncle Nik and Aunt Gemini. She is fierce on corporal punishment and when she finds them absent from school her temper turns into hand spanking across there soon to be red bottoms. This is followed by leather straps and a well worn taws. In "Whacked into Shape" two lazy girls who are trying to get back into physical shape must turn to the likes of a personal trainer. Erzsebet arrives and the shock treatment begins. Placed in strenuous positions each girl is then spanked, strapped, paddled and caned. This is what stuff dreams are made of. And finally in "Doctor's Orders" Miss Jones has gone to see Dr. Hopkins, who specializes in sexual fantasies. Her desire is to be spanked, and as a therapist, he quickly obliges her desires. From there she goes to see Dr. Miller who is well versed in the cane. Her red bottom attests to the face that this is indeed a good therapy session! You will be excited about our new collection. Be sure to be on the lookout for our next compilation!

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