Aly Sinclair

Rilasciato a: 23 luglio 2018 per Transational Fantasies
Hi, I am Aly, a sassy and hot new trans girl from Philly. My sweet thick 7 inch cock is better than any cheesesteak sandwich you'll ever eat! I love to play with my long waist length hair, caress my perky C cup breasts. Do you like them? They are on the smaller side but still spectacular. Shall I stroke that hot cock for you? Now watch me bend over and stick my new big butt plug up my sweet trans hole. It is so big it might hurt a bit going in that tight hot hole. But you know what they say about it hurts so good! But doesn't it look good sticking out of my ass as I crawl around the floor on all fours. I am going to work so hard on getting off that when I do I am going to be so hungry! Today my shoot snack is a bowl of berries. I do like my berries with cream so watch me shoot my white hot cum all over the berries, then eat every last one of the cum drizzled fruit. So tasty! Did you want a bite?

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